Struggling to Find That Stat? Research Tips for Social Media Marketers

Content may be king, but poorly researched content can make you look more like a joker.

Great social media research skills  can help boost your reputation as an expert in your field. But it’s a wild world of information out there. It can  be tricky to find the precise data you’re looking for from a credible source.

Even if you do strike research gold, you can still go wrong by using statistics incorrectly. This is something even professional journalists can struggle with. So, what’s an aspiring content marketer to do?

In this guide, you’ll learn seven effective ways to conduct social media research for professional, accurate content.

Online research tools

Google, of course, is an online researcher’s best friend. But it can also be your worst enemy, sucking you into time-wasting dead ends as you hunt for information. It can also lead you astray, since it returns information unfiltered for credibility. Remember: Just because you found a “fact” on the internet doesn’t make it true.

First, let’s talk about  some advanced search techniques to target your research efforts. These will help reduce the amount of time you spend searching through irrelevant information.

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